Lookout's profile

Nickname: Lookout
Province:New South Wales
Hair color:Grey
Eye color:Blue
Height:175 cm
Weight:105 Kg


Just your average man, nothing too special. However I am respectful, attentive, and open to most things. I still work full time more to keep my mind fully functional and maybe my body. While the extra cash is good its not essential. I’m an engineer and what I can’t do anymore I build a machine that can do it for me. My hands and fingers are my most valued possession as they all still work and can do magic to bring things back to life. One thing that I would like to add, and I'm sorry if offends some, but I'm not want any young girls. Sorry but I think someone who is a similar age to me would have experienced life as I have. I still remember the sixties and seventies. What a great time. Its a pity that we wont be thee again.

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Chubby, African, Asian, Caucasian, Middle-eastern, Latin, 55+